How to study for a test in one night!

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We have all forgotten to study for a test or waited last minute to study for it and these are some tips that will help you study for a test the night before and still get a decent grade. I used to always save studying for a test until the night before but I have managed to change that habit and now study a week before the exam. Here are tips on how to restart your semester if you are not happy with how you have been doing lately.

Gather the materials

Whether it’s the book, notes, PowerPoint, printouts. Make sure to get any handouts that were given and any materials that will have information regarding the exam and go over them. Read through and highlight information that you find important and those that you do not understand.

No Electronics

Put your phone away and close out any social media on your computer. It is a distraction. You waited this long to study for your exam so taking a break from social media will be a good thing for both the learning process and your mind.

Flash Cards

Making flashcards help the learning process when studying. Ask a question or write a vocabulary word on one side and on the other side you write the answer/definition. Before you switch to the next card, read it over once.

Take Breaks

Don’t just cram all the material the entire night. Your brain needs a break, so make sure to check out many study methods that are out there or just take 10-minute breaks every hour, etc.,

Eat Healthy


Junk food is not good for your health and for your memory. It is a lot harder to retain information when you are high on sweets. Junk food also gets you tired and will cause you to pay less attention to what you are doing. There are many yummy healthy snacks out there that you could eat to help you concentrate on studying. Snack on carrots, a banana, etc.

Get a good nights rest

Cramming all the material overnight is not going to help you in the morning when you are taking the exam. You will just end up forgetting all the material you studied and draw a blank (I should know.. It happens to me ALL the time). So make sure to get at least 6-8 hours of sleep the night before and have a good breakfast in the morning especially with a glass of milk or a banana.

Don’t stress

I know this is harder than it sounds but stressing over the exam and the information you have to learn will not let you process the information better. Focus on what you have to do. Take a deep breath and think; whatever happens, happens and you will do better next time. You can’t force yourself to remember material that you just can’t get. Your best bet is to just read it over right before bed and sleep it off. In the morning, just go over the flash cards once, have your breakfast and off to your exam!

What are things that you do when studying for an exam the night before? Have you ever studied for an exam last minute?

May 28, 2017
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    No electronics and not stressing are the two biggest things that help me focus and actually cram successfully. Great tips!

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