How to restart your semester in March!

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If you’re like me then you start your semester well and then get discouraged a month in and just start slacking, being unorganized and just no care. When I start getting my grades back I notice that I have to step it up and I do a restart of my semester. Here are tips you can do to restart your semester! You can still get your head straight a month or two into the school year and finish with those straight A’s. I..sadly.. do it every year… So these are steps on what to do to get your semester restarted and becoming more organized.

Collect the syllabus

Most professors post their syllabus online or hand them out during the first week of classes. If you have misplaced them since then you can either ask someone in class or do not be afraid to ask the professor for it again. It can also be seen as an initiative to get better and they may help. The Syllabus is the most important part of the first week of school because it has all the information needed for the semester, the office hours, and depending on the instructor the assignments/exams that will be assigned throughout the semester.

Get a planner

Most schools offer free planners and they could be around anywhere, near the library, learning center, admissions office etc., If not, you can buy a pretty cheap one at family dollars, or your local dollar store.

Go through syllabus outline

Read the syllabus thoroughly and note down in your calendar any important dates that are coming up. Even highlight the syllabus.

Mark exam dates

Make sure to mark in your calendar all of the exam dates so you can plan accordingly and not be unprepared for that. If no exams, then just mark any projects/homework.

Go to office hours

Professors are always willing to help those who go out of their way and ask for help. Visit your professor during his office hours or email to set up an appointment. They do not mind stupid questions, trust me, I have probably asked them all.

Follow these steps and you should have a great semester.

Do you have a restart method? What do you do during the first week of the semester to get a head start?

May 28, 2017
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