How to get ready for Midterms in college!

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Midterms are coming up soon! This is another stressful point in the semester because most schools/professors take your midterm test and all of the past work to calculate what grade you have so far. Which then determines if you could put enough work to get that A+ or settle for the B. I have created some steps here that you could follow to make sure you are prepared for Midterms. There are some professors who do not give Midterm exams and just count homework assignments while there are others that give both Exams and homework. There is also a YouTube version of this post which you can access it here.

Check Schools Academic Calendar

Make sure you know when Midterm grades are due. You can usually find this in the schools semester schedule. I usually type (*school name* *semester year* (Fall 2017) schedule or academic calendar) on google and you can usually get to where you need to go. My schools Midterm grades are due October 18th. Which means that one week before is what most professors will be including in Midterm grade calculations.


Check to see if you are up to date on your Homework/Assignments. You can do this by asking your Professors during their office hours, asking a classmate how many assignments have been tasked and or checking your class Syllabus. It is most likely that your Professor will be using your Homework and Assignments to calculate your Midterm grade, so it is important that you get everything handed in.

Check the Syllabus

The Syllabus is what most Professors hand out on the first day of classes, it has all the information you could ever need. Office hours, contact information, class time/date, percentage of homework/Exams, what book to get, and sometimes even a full semester schedule on all the Homework and Exams you will be getting. Check the schedule and see if there are any more exams or homework coming up before the Midterm due date so you can prepare for it.

Use your Planner

Once you have all of the information above, get out your planner and start writing down all of the important dates. When Midterm grades are due, when you plan to have everything turned in by, if you’re missing other assignments, when that next exam is. If you do not have access to a Planner, I offer a simple 12 Month calendar printable to subscribers if you subscribe.

Don’t stress

I say this a lot but sometimes stressing is a bad thing. Take it day by day, task by task. Midterms is still going to come whether you are prepared or not and you can always step up and get your sh*t straight after Midterms.

October 9, 2017
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